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Lenco CD-200 cd-speler Portable CD player ZwartThe Lenco CD-200 is a handy portable MP3/CD player with anti-shock protection. It has a clear LCD screen and easy-to-use buttons. Do you travel regularly? This portable CD player is your perfect travelling companion. With the Lenco CD-200, you always have your favourite music with you wherever you go.Are you tired of listening to your favourite album in chronological order? The Lenco CD-200 lets you choose your own playback sequence. You can allow the CD player to select the next song or program your own sequence. You can also listen to your favourite song on the album as many times as you want using the repeat function. Or you can choose to listen to your own MP3s, which you can conveniently copy to the Lenco CD-200 using the cable supplied with the unit.The Lenco CD-200 operates on battery power and on mains electricity. The CD player also includes a separate charging circuit for the batteries (the batteries are not supplied with the unit). If the CD player does not play music for longer than 30 seconds, it switches off automatically. This saves battery power. You simply touch a button to reactivate the Lenco CD-200.- Portable CD player- Anti-shock protection- Ability to change the playback sequence- Including earphones
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