Speedlink, VIAS Nano USB Bluetooth | 4027301074116

SPEEDLINK SL-7411-BK Bluetooth 3Mbit/s netwerkkaart & -adapterThe VIAS USB Bluetooth® Adapter lets you quickly establish a wireless connection between your PC and smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth®-compatible devices. Add a new Bluetooth® interface to your PC and make use of its boundless multimedia potential. Whether for streaming music to a set of Bluetooth® speakers or a headset*, connecting to digital input devices or for synchronising your smartphone – the VIAS USB Bluetooth® Adapter is the perfect solution for fast and convenient data transfer. Its ultra-compact design makes it a really practical companion which you can just plug into the USB port and forget about. What’s more, with a range of 75 metres you get to enjoy loads of freedom.
sku: SL-7411-BK

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